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Can hold my body down.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Check out: Remthedeathgoddess, she makes awesome art!

About Me:
I'm the writer, The-Dark-Lord-Link. This is my private, getaway solace of peace and lack of activity. I tour actively with this account to get away from the hassles of my first. There's something odd about being on this account, like a snowy field under a night sky with nothing but the idle wind gently caressing my ears when I'm here. It's the most peaceful thing. Just what I need when I'm toppling down as the "dark lord". While here, I'm more relaxed and loose. I feel strong again.

VADER Supporter by British-Prophetess VADER is my musical inspiration, they were inspired by the character Darth Vader and have been around just about as long as Star Wars has, making their debut in 1986. They're the best Death Metal band in all of Europe and out match anything from the West. Hail VADER!

You haven't walked true darkness until you've stepped into my world...

What is darkness? Many symbolize it as the mark of all things sinister and evil. However, this is only an observation. Darkness is an element, no different than light. It's the things that dwell within the elements themselves that count.

We do not fear darkness in truth, we fear the unknown.

Darkness, my dear visitors, is not evil. Regretfully, the forces of evil hide and conceal themselves within this glorious element, forever staining it with the aura of wickedness...Would we fear light if the light was housed by those of evil? The answer is yes. For even light can conceal what hides within.

Do not mistake my views as satanic, I despise the devil and the voids of hell more than you can imagine. I'm dark, not evil. I believe in God, his son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the angels of Heaven.

Moral? Dark and Evil are NOT one and the same.

The dark is quiet, the dark is comfortable. The dark hides our sins and our sorrows. The dark takes our pain and offers comfort. The dark is divine, until it takes your shine. The dark is your friend, until it craves your pain. Beware the will of eternal darkness. Beware the test of Life.

    Favorite wrtiers/poets


If you have a question on my opinions of pairings, note me. I'd rather not put it on display here and spam my page. Or, you could visit my page and read through my supported pairings, and if you have any negative thoughts about it, shove it down your throat because I don't have a desire to listen to a petty complaint of my own views.

However, if you'd like to discuss it with me, feel free to do so. Just make sure one of your questions is not "Why not ZeLink?" I'll answer that one here and now.

Half if not most of the followers to that pairing are brutally loyal and most would not give a second thought about attacking someone about it for supporting a different pairing. It's also the most overused of pairings. It's easy to write, but it's basically the same thing with out change.

Those of us who look for something new and refreshing often have to deal with attackers for that pairing. I also have become a supporter of the idea that Zelda and Link are long-lost siblings, all the evidence necessary is evident in Ocarina of Time. Link's dead mother and unknown father, Zelda's lack of a mother. Both are blonde, blue eyed, and share similar appearances.

If you are someone who's attacked a person for not supporting ZeLink, but rather a different pairing involving either of the two, begone. I want nothing to do with you. If you attack me; we can have our own little war for as long as you desire. I love challenges and if you have the guts to attack me, go ahead. We shall see who prevails.

And don't tell me that you're a ZeLinker who's fought someone for bashing the pairing. I'll guarantee that whoever it was that bashed the pairing was attacked by a loyally obsessed fan. And even though they bashing the ZeLink pairing is wrong, it doesn't make you right by attacking back. If you reasoned with them, and noted that some fans have taken things a bit too far, then you're in the clear, but you're better off leaving it be. Eventually they will remove the offending piece and if not, report it.

Always remember: Might, makes right. To be right, you must have might. If you buckle to pressure, your right is not with might, and therefore voided of justification. Might, makes right and it will never be anything otherwise. IF you want to be right, be with might.

I also support Female Sheik over male Sheik. I have my reasons, and if you want to attack me for that, know that it wont affect me in any way. I'll keep this up, and I will not stop supporting Female Sheik. And no, I don't bash or attack anyone for anything. Especially over their opinions if they conflict with my own.

Current Residence: Roadway to New Worlds
Favourite genre of music: Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal--Banned from these genres, must rely on standard metal--
Favorite Band: VADER, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Disturbed, Metallica, FamilyJules7X, Artificial Fear, ACDC, Motorhead
Favourite style of art: Anime, realism
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition
MP3 player of choice: Philips
Wallpaper of choice: Wolves, Zelda, Evening scenes
Skin of choice: Black
Favourite cartoon character: Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, Fuma No Taki, Sophitia Alexandra, Link (OOT)
Personal Quote: Don't be the fool who falls before my rule.

We're troops of tomorrow.
We're hanging round today.
We're playing tough music.
Cause it's hard time money.

We need a new solution...
We want it now!
We're getting frustrated!
It's making us sick...

We ain't got bright future.
We bought it on the never never.
Don't want to be city prisoners.
We ain't gonna live forever...

We gotta stop that dreaming...
We've gotta pick up that gun.
We're troops of tomorrow.
We've got a new vision.

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